Inbound Marketing.

We help uncover your organization’s untapped intrinsic value and reveal new digital marketing strategies, brand positioning, key messages, content marketing tactics to better demonstrate thought leadership, and untapped opportunities for your business to thrive.

Google Analytics Services.

The scope of a Google Analytics consultation is very much customized. Project based consulting involves the implementation and analysis of data in order to make sure you’re able to track performance for whatever your new project entails. Whether we need to fit in at a project management, or execution level, we’re able to assist with any application or website installation/analysis.

E-Mail Marketing.

Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways to communicate with your target audience online. Social media marketing may get a lot of attention and be at the forefront of the digital marketing conversation, but email marketing is still tried and true! It just doesn’t get any more personal and immediate than this. Email marketing, done properly, can be very rewarding.

There are so many elements to take into consideration, including the best days and times to send, subject lines, personalization and frequency. At CLE.digital, we have the knowledge of and experience with several email platforms. Put our experience to work for you and start building your customer database today. It’s cost effective and easy to get started.

Social Media Marketing.

Social media is a powerful communication channel between businesses and customers. We create authentic and real time communication that engages our client’s customers on carefully selected social media platforms.

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